Welcome to the world of property banking.   Property is a nonperishable asset, which is immobile, durable, illiquid, and heterogeneous”.  We define property from our banking / investment perspective as “ a reliable, secured, and unique form of investment not subject to significant deterioration or loss of quality over time, which ensures you with assured and enviable return on investment”.

Every deal is different. But with our highly professional property specialists in many locations delivering local, relevant and timely solutions to the property sector, we understand what your deal needs are and how to help you get there.

Property banking – products and services

Our specialist property offering includes a range of products and services specifically designed to meet the needs of various property types – whether that be office, retail, residential or industrial sectors – including:
  • Investment and facilitating development loans and site finance
  • Interest rate management
  • SPOC- Single Point contact local relationship management
  • Property risk management
  • Reliable Scientific Forecasts on Property investments.

It’s all about giving you peace of mind and being a long-term partner that’s dedicated to helping you in managing and achieving your financial and investment goals.

Management expertise

We are property specialist with a team of property risk managers, and qualified valuers. Their in-depth market knowledge means they’re well placed to discuss and highlight challenges and opportunities for your particular project. Essentially, property is what we do, all the time, and our local presence is backed by our online platform.


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